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Fernland Spa Thermal Mineral Hot Springs

Fernland Spa Thermal Mineral Hot Springs

Minutes from downtown Tauranga, Fernland offers a soak in a genuine mineral spring, the clear thermal water drawn from two deep bores – and they even bottle the stuff and sell it as a tasty drink. The owners say the mineral water flowing constantly through all Fernland Spa hot pools rises from a deep underground aquifer, and scientists have classified the Spa as a true mineral spring.

It is rich in minerals, trace elements like zinc and selenium, and ions. These are superb pools nestled in a secluded valley off Cambridge Road, with a backdrop of mature ferns that provide a Kiwi bush atmosphere in the evening – without the discomfort of having to tramp through it!  There’s one big public pool, and eight private pools—filled with non-chlorinated mineral water at temperatures around 37.5—40˚C.

The once shabby pools are in good condition, after an ongoing facelift in recent years. Fernland caters for campervans, with some sites available.Open 8.30am to 10.00pm.

250 Cambridge Road, Tauranga. (07) 578 3081, www.fernlandspa.co.nz