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Tauranga Seafood Festival

Location: Dive Crescent beside the Cargo Shed, Tauranga Waterfront

Dates: 6 February 2016

The Tauranga Seafood Festival is popular annual event held on Taurangas waterfront.  The event provides live entertainment, and an extensive range of seafood and local cusine – a food lovers dream. The event in recent years has run from 3pm to 8pm. This way you know all the seafood is fresh, because it likely was caught the same morning!

Dive Crescent is blocked off allowing free roam for festival goers from the Cargo shed back to the wharf by the Fresh Fish Market. This really is the perfect setting for a Seafood Fest. Right beside the ocean, and right where the fish are brought to land. In addition to music, there are eating competitions, filleting competitions and demonstrations.

Come sample all manner of seafood from fresh fish to tasty delicacies:

Mussel fritters
Paua Fritters
Prawn Twisters
Whitebait Fritters
Seafood Curry
Smoked Eel
Fresh Crayfish
Seafood Chowder
Scallops and Prawns drizzled in Garlic Butter
Prawn Kebabs

I know your mouth is watering by now. You can find more information and secure tickets at: seafoodfest.co.nz