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Port of Tauranga

The Port of Tauranga in New Zealands largest port handling both imports, and commodity exports. The Port is located in the Bay of Plenty Region of New Zealand.

Tauranga Port

Being roughly at the halfway point down the North Island, the Port of Tauranga handles the bulk of New Zealands log and forest product exports. The North Island of NZ has hundreds of Pine Forests and the Tauranga Port is in the ideal location to service these exports. Dairy and Milk products are also a big export commodity. Therefore the Port of Tauranga is a key asset to the NZ economy.

The port is highly efficient and regarded as a consistent performer both for container and cargo volume and in financial terms. Due to its proximity to Auckland, the port often unloads cargo in Tauranga and ships by train to its Auckland land base. Similarly, containers can also be housed at Auckland then transferred to the Tauranga port for export.

the port of tauranga

Port of Tauranga Contact Information

The Port of Tauranga houses a continuous harbour frontage of over 2km! This is the Mount Maunganui side which handles the bulk of cargo and refueling. The western side of the port is Sulphur Point which is smaller and handles most of the same operations including coolstores and refridgerated container power points and storage.

Tauranga Container Terminal

Phone: (07) 572 8761 (from outside NZ + 00 647)

Email: tctadmin@port-tauranga.co.nz

66 Mirrielees Road
Sulphur Point
Tauranga 3110

Port of Tauranga Ltd

Phone: (07) 572 8899 (from outside NZ + 00 647)

Email: reception@port-tauranga.co.nz

Salisbury Avenue
Mount Maunganui

Port Shipping Schedules

Container Ships – You can find out which vessels are in port, and which are due to arrive shortly. Shipping Schedule.

Container Tracking – enter your container number on this page.

Cruise Ships – For Cruise ships arriving in Tauranga check the Cruise Ships Schedule. Also see Tauranga Accommodation.

More about the Port of Tauranga

the port is located in the Tauranga Harbour. Its a serene environment with the Mighty Mount Maunganui Volcano (Mauao) at the entrance to the Harbour. Cruise Ships visit twice a week and it can make for some interesting viewing with cruise ships and massive container ships against the backdrop of the mountain.

Port operations first started in Tauranga New Zealand in the 1950s, but only to shallow water ships. Dredging of the channel in the 1960’s enabled the port to grow into a useful shipping hub for NZ exports. The Port of Tauranga Ltd was established in 1985 and is now a publically listed company on the NZ stock exchange.

The Port of Tauranga has several times tried to purchase or merge with the Ports of Auckland, which is its main competitor. The buyout offers haven’t eventuated, so over time POT has expanded to Auckland on their own terms. Their main venture in Auckland is MetroPort, an inland dry port handling mostly container cargo. Metroport acts as a satellite hub for the Tauranga NZ operations. They also own Tapper Transport, Australasias largest cargo hub, also located in Auckland.

The Port also sponsors the local Ironman event officially titled: The Port of Tauranga Half Iron-man. More information on the port can be found at www.port-tauranga.co.nz