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Tauranga Weather

Tauranga, Bay of Plenty is one of the sunniest places in New Zealand. Each year the area receives between 2200 and 2400 sunshine hours. You can see that the weather in Tauranga is a big drawcard for travellers! This fact, paired with the stunning scenery and marine climate, make Tauranga a popular holiday destination.

Tauranga is a great place to live for a relaxed lifestyle, while still offering employment opportunites with it’s strong local economy. No matter what time of year, enjoy the Tauranga Weather, whether you are a local or a visitor. (No pun intended 🙂

Tauranga Weather Report

There are many places to view a Tauranga Weather Report online. But most of these weather report services use data from the MetService. Locally based, the MetService is New Zealand’s most trusted weather source used by thousands of kiwis every day. In Tauranga there is a strong marine economy so the weather, wind and tides are important for hundreds of businesses. The Tauranga Weather Report from the Metservice should be your first choice.

You can access the Tauranga Weather thru the MetService Tauranga page.

Tauranga Weather Forecast

A weather report tends to be a short forecast for todays weather. On the other hand a weather forecast tends to be a forward-looking prediction of weather Tauranga. If you are planning an event or trip in the near future then you can use the magic crystal ball of the Tauranga Weather Forecast. On the MetService website you can view the weather conditions for the next few days. Great for planning ahead, the Metservice also offer the 10 Day Tauranga Weather Forecast here.

You can see so much useful weather information on the site from rainfall, humidity, temperature – even a recommendation as to how many layers of clothing you should wear! So whether you want it to be sunny to enjoy a nice day out, or it be raining to give your plants a good watering, upcoming Tauranga weather can be discovered at the link below: